Shoot Ogawa - Holy Shoot (1-5)


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Shoot Ogawa - Holy Shoot(1-5)

Holy Shoot DVD - Vol. 1
A new collection of Shoot Ogawa's amazing thinking with cards. Each volume will contain 4 unique card effects. In this set you will get a detective card effect using Jokers?? an Ace to King Transposition effect?? three Jokers find three selected cards and the final effect has four Kings finding three selected cards.
Price: $20.00

Holy Shoot DVD - Vol. 2
In this collection you will get Shoot's Triumph that was featured in Genii magazine?? an Aces to King effect?? Shoot's 3 Card Monte and a flashy Ace production.
Price: $20.00

Holy Shoot DVD - Vol. 3
This DVD has an Oil & Water effect?? Ogawa's version of Jenning's Visitor effect?? Ace Opener which is a fancy ace production and Four Aces Find Selected Card.
Price: $20.00

Holy Shoot DVD - Vol. 4
Card tricks selection
Price: $20.00

Holy Shoot DVD - Vol. 5
Card tricks selection
Price: $20.00