Siegfried & Roy - The Magic Box


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In September 1999 Siegfried & Roy?? The Magic Box premiered in Los Angeles to a VIP audience, followed by premieres in New York, Munich, Berlin, Tokyo, Montreal and Toronto.

The IMAX 3-D film traces the tough years Siegfried & Roy experienced growing up. It tells the stories of Siegfried's fascination with magic, Roy's love of animals, and how they used these escapes to cope with a homeland and fathers traumatized by the war. And it recounts their chance meeting while both were working on a cruise ship, leading to a partnership that would make entertainment history.

"Their story tells you if you dream big enough and hard enough, anything can happen," says director Brett Leonard. Siegfried & Roy's rise from postwar Germany to the most successful live entertainers in the world seems to have been the perfect subject for only the eighth IMAX 3-D film ever produced. The Magic Box was named best movie of the year at the 1999 Maxi Awards.