Signed by Mariano Goni


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Signed by Mariano Goni


The most straightforward signed coin transposition between you and two spectators! The most powerful and memorable magic happens in the hands of the audience.
A Half Dollar is examined or borrowed and initialed on each side by two spectators.
One spectator holds a purse from the start?? the other is given the signed coin and closes the hand. He sees the signed coin in his hand before closing it.
At that moment?? the magic begins!
Show a Quarter?? then make it transpose with the signed coin! The spectator opens his hand. He has the quarter?? and you have the signed coin.
But that's not all!
You point to the second spectator holding the purse?? and?? making a gesture?? the signed coin vanishes from your hand only to reappear inside the purse. The spectator himself removes the coin and checks the initials on both sides!
Important Points:
No sleeving.
Carry it in you pocket.
Coin can end up in your wallet?? or an envelope.
Spectator can keep the coin as a souvenir.
Featuring the Gravity Switch by Mariano Goni.
Easy to master.
Complete with US coins.
Standing or sitting?? two routines explained.
Bonus: "Laser Trip"?? where the signed coin travels from a laser beam to a wall. A must see!
Comes complete with custom gimmicks engineered by Tango Magic.