Star Trik By Adam Hudson (Highly recommended)

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Star Trik By Adam Hudson (Highly recommended)

..The next revelation!

Star Trik is a very clean revelation of any spectators star sign. Created by Adam Hudson.

Incorporated into a lovely routine about the fraudulence of horoscopes the performer shows how astrology draws us in using statements that apply to us all. Star Trik then takes things so much further by giving an encouraging message and finally reveals the Star Sign of any spectator.
There are no peeks fishing or progressive anagrams involved just 100% sure fire results.
Star Trik is usable for all situations including close-up Parlour or stage.


so good that Ive become addicted to buying tons of instant downloads. Which one is Star Trik now

Oh yeah. I have not had a chance to use it on anybody but myself -- and I fooled myself badly but I needed an out.

Excellent effect and ideal to make your own. It came recommended by Joel Dickinson whose own horosecrets is worth picking up and you have two very powerful but easy to do effects