Steel and Silver by Paul Gertner Vol 1-2


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Steel and Silver by Paul Gertner Vol 1 -2  

If you know magic, you know Paul Gertner. And you also know his best-selling book-Steel and Silver. These are his most admired routines, the routines that have won Paul every major award in the magic world. On this series of DVD's, Paul performs and shares the methods behind his most guarded secrets and brings the book to life, performing his incredible magic in a hospitality suite situation.

Volume One

In this volume Paul performs his incredible magic in a hospitality suite situation. Then Paul explains in detail, the step-by-step secrets behind the magic. Plus, he'll also provide "Paul's Points" - invaluable performance philosophy, tips and suggestions to help turn your performance into a true miracle.

Contents include:

Triple Die-lemma

A Familiar Ring

The Vanishing Card Stab

Bill in the Cigarette

Photo Copy

Salt Shaker Surprise

Ring Thing

Thumb Tip Corner Switch.
DVD Bonus, Paul's first appearance on the Tonight Show with commentary.


Volume Two(DVDPG2STE)

This volume features his Competition act. This act, which has never before appeared on DVD, includes Paul's famous Cups and Steel Balls, That's Ridiculous, and the original handling of The Ring on the Hourglass. Paul then explains step by step the secrets behind the act that won First Place Awards at both FISM and the Las Vegas Desert Seminar.

Contents include:

Ring on Hourglass

That's Ridiculous

Cups and Steel Balls

Reversed Assembly

Blackjack Surprise


Spellbound Roll/Reverse

The Card in the Candy Box