Stephen Ablett - Ring Tricks


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This is a collection of ring manipulation magic using nothing but one ordinary finger-ring and a piece of string.

Stephen's competition winning ring routine contains 14 amazing visually eye-popping effects suitable for close-up and on the streets. There is then a five stage ring and string routine. With several other effects looked at shortly after. 26 effects in total are taught?? all of which use an ordinary (borrowed) finger-ring.

Tricks taught:

  1. Ring Throw
  2. Jumping Ring
  3. Flash On
  4. Ninja On
  5. Down Through Hand
  6. Up Through Hand
  7. Ring Transposition
  8. Ring Production
  9. Ring Vanish
  10. Ring Hidden
  11. Ring Through Finger
  12. Through All Fingers
  13. Ring Escape
  14. The Spectators Hand
  15. Blow Off
  16. Tied On and Pulled Off
  17. Finger Prediction
  18. Which Hand?
  19. Running Circles
  20. Monkey Bar
  21. Ribbon Through Fingers
  22. Ring Transpo
  23. Ring Onto Pen
  24. Ring Of Pen
  25. Paddle Pen
  26. Flash Back To Finger