Stephen Tucker - Twister Continuum


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The routines taught on this DVD make use of an ingenious hand-made gimmick (supplied)?? constructed from Bicycle cards?? which is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It will allow you to simulate FISM level?? award-winning magic?? but WITHOUT ANY SLEIGHT OF HAND!

Stephen Tucker and Owen Packard even teach you how to build your own variations of the original gimmicks for use with other routines.
The TWISTER gimmick can expand to full poker card size?? or diminish itself to half-card size. When expanded?? you can perform the following routines?? and at the conclusion of each and every one...EVERYTHING IS EXAMINABLE!

TWISTER - one at a time the four kings flip face...then they change into the four aces!

TWISTED NERVES - after 'twisting' the kings face up?? their FACES jump to your pocket?? leaving you holding four blank faced cards!

TONGUE TWISTER - four signed selections are set aside. After 'twisting' the aces?? they change into the four signed selections. Those cards set aside earlier? They're now the aces!

TORNADO TWISTER - in this bizarre mathemagical routine you 'twist (say) the four fives?? then try to make them vanish and reappear in your pocket. You are ALMOST successful?? as the four twos travel to your pocket - leaving you holding the four threes!

WILD TWISTER - a version of the late?? great Peter Kane's Wild Card routine. After 'twisting' (say) the four kings?? you introduce a joker and use it (as the Wild Card) to change the kings into four jokers.

PLUS - Twist Again?? Royally Twisted?? Technicolor Dream-Twist and Additional Twist.

That's ELEVEN superb routines?? plus tips?? ideas and nuances?? all using Stephen Tucker's incredible TWISTER gimmick. And remember - they are all accomplished WITHOUT ANY SLEIGHT OF HAND!

Two bonus routines are also performed AND explained.