Steve Haynes - Hand Out 500


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Steve Haynes' Hand Out 500starts off like all the other wonderful versions of Pat Page's easy money; you display four or five single dollar bills?? then in a flash?? the ones visibly change into hundreds.

The Big Handout Happiness is that you can now immediately hand out all of the hundreds for examination!

If you've performed other versions?? you've probably heard that little voice in your head saying "Boy?? it sure would be sweet to hand out all the hundreds at the end and not have to deal with hanging onto that thick gaffed bill."

WithHaynes' Hand Out 500?? that little voice is joyously silent as you naturally and cleanly hand out all the hundreds to your spectator! No palming?? no pulls?? no complicated moves. The audience simply sees you change the ones into hundreds and place them onto the spectator's hand. All of the hundreds are completely normal... so there's nothing to find but pure astonishment!

Even with the glorious hand-out ending?? Steve's radically new gimmick would still make this the bill change of choice.

Hand Out 500is actually easier and safer to handle than previous versions. There are no bad angles. You never have to worry about your audience seeing any extra thickness!

And for the final big hunk ofHaynes' Hand-Out Happiness??Because of the unique construction of the gimmick?? you save hundreds of dollars in gaffed bills. It's a whole new approach to easy money.

The first real game changer for bill changers!BONUS EFFECT??An ingenious signed card to wallet using an alteredHand Out 500gimmick.