Steven Youell - Henry Christ's Four Ace Trick


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Henry Christ's Ace trick is familiar effect by most cardmen which was inpsired by Dai Vernon's Cutting the Aces. 

The four Aces are placed into different parts of the deck and magically found one at a time in four different ways. 

According to Howie Schwarzman?? it was to be part of the original Stars of Magic series before it stopped. Schwarzman later published it in Professional Card Magic (1961) under the title?? "Henry Christ's Fabulous Ace Routine." It includes patter for a detective who investigates to find the four aces. Supposedly?? the method for secretly reversing a card was not the one Christ really used. 

Eventually what was purported to be Christ's original handling was published in Epilogue No.20 (March 1974). Another handling appeared in The Vernon Chronicles?? Volume 2 (1988). 

In Chronicles Volume 2?? Stephen Minch says that Dai Vernon was inspired by Mr.Christ's trick to create "Aces to Order".