Strange Oblique by Mark Elsdon (PDF Download)

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Strange Oblique by Mark Elsdon (PDF Download)

If you like Tequila Hustler then youre going to love Strange Oblique!

This brand new release takes the classic Sixth Sense effect and makes it both impromptu and completely prop-less!
The classic effect where the mentalist determines which spectator has the only odd coloured ball can now been done on the spur of the moment with pocket change and zero apparatus - nothing at all!
Thats right: no bag no balls or marbles no magnets and no gimmicks. And you can even be out of the room whilst the objects are chosen!
The booklet explains several versions: the main one uses just pocket change that you never ever touch or need to see. Another handling that is bound to spawn multiple variations uses nothing more than random words written on scraps of paper.
But whichever handling you prefer you always know who is lying who is telling the truth and exactly who is holding the target object!
It is strong enough to use in a show and yet still casual enough to perform for a few friends in a pub or coffee shop. And yes it can be adapted to any language.
The widely-lauded Tequila Hustler has been called one of the major breakthroughs in mentalism of recent times providing a completely different logic-based approach to the which hand problem. Strange Oblique does the exact same thing for the Sixth Sense plot.
Very short review of Strange Oblique. Its by Mark Elsdon... nuff said!!
Lets just say that SO is to Kurotsuke what TH is to which hand. Can be performed completely impromptu. 5 or even more spectators one has the impromptu equivalent of a black ball (or on stage it could actually be a black ball) the rest have the impromptu equivalent of a white ball (or a white ball). The performer with only a few questions most being funny or random is able with 100% accuracy to locate who has the target object and who is lying.
IMO worth every penny. Also if you use an electronic version for a Sixth Sense/Kurotsuke routine this gives you the perfect out if the electronics fail.

-Mark Chandaue