Subterranean deceptions by mike pisciotta


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Mike Pisciotta is the hidden gem of the Magic Castle. Now less hidden.-Max Maven

I have a very short list of performers I could watch rock a crowd forever. Mike Pisciotta is on my top five list.-Eric Jones
The World Famous Magic Castle bar-magician-extraordinaire Mike Pisciotta is (to my consternation) sharing a routine that so far hes only taught to me; and now with you The Devil Makes Three.-Paul Vigil
Ive seen Mike absolutely slay people with everything on this DVD.-Bill Herz
If pure magic blooming effortlessly in moments and surprises without ego hype or pretense was a lost art Mike Pisciotta has found it.-Michael Carbonaro
Mike Pisciotta knows the real work on successful close up magic. - Derek Hughes
This is AN ALL NEW DVD by the Magic Castles Resident Bar Magician Mike Pisciotta!
After years of pestering him Mike has FINALLY agreed to release these routines! Shot in HD complete with live performances and full explanations! Over 90 minutes of magic on this DVD.
You will learn SEVEN FULL Routines that you will ADD to your repertoire!
Devil Makes Three:
One of the cleanest Coins Across effects in magic. This is Mike’s favorite routine with 3 coins! If you learn nothing else on this DVD learn The Devil Makes Three!
Coming Up:
A card rises out of the middle of the deck with no gimmicks no threads. Just a deck of cards.
Mike’s 2 Cents:
An amazing magic trick with a special gimmick (you probably already own) and a borrowed cell phone.
Boxing Match:
An impromptu card through box that can be done with borrowed decks!
Open to Change:
An open prediction with a bill a card and a cell phone! Includes a specially printed gimmick from the USPCC
Flying Sandwich:
A transposition sandwich trick that has fooled everyone! Includes specially printed cards from the USPCC
Shaken Not Stirred:
Mikes handling of the classic Triumph routine that is one of his most requested tricks at the bar.