[S]Witch by Julien Losa


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[S]Witch by Julien Losa

[S]Witch by Julien L. (Instant Download)SECRETSTUDIO presents [S]Witch an easy and impromptu method to read peoples mind.

[S]Witch is more than an effect its a great impromptu technique created by Julien during years of performances in Caribean cruiseships and live shows. (France/Brasil/USA)
The effect is simple :
You ask someone to draw or write anything on a small paper/business card. In only two very fair moves you can duplicate their toughts.
YES were talking about a switch but such a good one ! Its done in front of your spectators eyes and even- YOU- magicians you know theres one in play you cant see it. Its that STRONG.
This method is a real WORKER performed hundreds of times by Julien for real audiences. A powerfull secret kept underground since today.
With [S]witch you have a devious new method to upgrade any prediction effect even any QAs.
SUPER Easy to do
No funny moves or special script
No card skills needed
Totally impromptu and organic
You need only some cards and any pen
Can be performed sitting standing and with the best angles to date surrounded.
A perfect way to do stunning drawing duplications with more than 30 min of in depth online explanations :
-Full live performances
-Spectactors view
-Performers view
-Slow motion moves and two possibles handlings :
1 Stand up version
2 Table version
As a FREE BONUS youll recieve ICE PEEK an 8 PAGES PDF with precious toughts and ideas about peeking informations and how to manage your audiences choices and feelings.
Achieve the impossible
[S]Witch a SECRETSTUDIO production.