Syd Segal - Simply Sydney


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Syd Segal - Simply Sydney


Syd Segal returns to the screen in simply Sydney showcasing seven selections for your magical satisfaction.

As shown with his two previous releases??Gaft Card Magic (2001)andFull Metal Jacket (2005)??Syd has proven he has what it takes to create strong?? commercial card magic.

Along with the help of his mentor J.C. Wagner?? Syd has compiled a nice arrangement of effects stretching from simple openers (Double D’s and Aces) to devastating closers (A Logical Lesson). Simply put?? simply Sydney..

Effect Descriptions??

A Logical Lesson(JC Wagner and Syd Segal)?? Combine a little bit of sleight of hand with mathematics and what do you get? A killer routine with a beginning?? middle and “logical” ending!

Collector’s Edition??This is no ordinary “collector” routine. After the Kings successfully locate and trap the 3 selections?? the feat is repeated by the magician under test conditions. Not only do the selections reappear a 2nd time in the magicians hands?? but the King packet cleanly vanishes as well!

Syd also tips 3 additional alternate endings that are possible with Collector’s Edition.

No Lap Reynolds??Varied from several routines of Steve Reynolds?? this “ace assembly” starts off using Kings?? but ends in a very unexpected way!

Double D’s and Aces??From a spectator shuffled deck?? the 4 Aces are spelled to and located in this baffling 4 of a kind production.

Also included is an explanation of JC Wagner’s “no sleight” method aptly titled Commercial Aces.

G.A.F.T.??A sandwich routine that includes a visual “split” of the selected card in to the “sandwiching” Jacks followed by a clean triplet of effects… A production?? vanish and reappearance. This routine looks like real magic.

Triumphant Turn-Down??Another clean and fair Triumph routine that goes right by the most suspecting!

Indications??A multi-selection routine that climaxes with an ultra-clean double color change.

Running TimeApproximately 1hr 43min

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