Tarbell 28: Egg Magic (Instant Download)


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Tarbell 28: Egg Magic (Instant Download)

Guaranteed to fool and entertain any size audience. Eggs may be the perfect magic prop.

When you think of magic Im sure you immediately think of eggs. Okay maybe not but eggs have been used successfully in the acts of many top professionals.

Eggs are a perfect size for most performers to hide without detection and their fragility makes them appear difficult to manipulate.
They have a built-in appeal which makes them a natural for comedy and magicians have long manufactured many varieties of special realistic eggs.
This lesson will expand your knowledge about those gimmicks show you how to use them and teach you some very entertaining routines.
To begin with Dan tries to protect an egg from being broken and (although it seems like failure is certain) the egg pulls itself together in the end.
Then youll learn a different method to create a similar effect devised by Tarbell himself to make everything more self-contained.
Next Dan takes on the timeless favorite known as The Egg Bag and (as usual) Dan deviates a bit from tradition to give you a fun new farm-fresh approach.
And then Dan shows you a very clever multi-phase routine that takes the egg bag in unexpected directions that are guaranteed to surprise and fool everyone.
Along the way youll be introduced to a few clever gimmicked eggs and Dan will teach you many items you can make at home including a new cleaner way to remove the contents of an egg the Tarbell-style egg bag and a secret holder to obtain (or switch) an egg any time you want.
These tricks run the gamut from over-easy to hard-boiled but on the sunny-side you wont have to scramble to leave your audience fried.