Tarbell 29: Billiard Ball Manipulation


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Tarbell 29: Billiard Ball Manipulation

Billiard Ball Manipulation has been featured prominently in the acts of nearly every stage manipulator in the last hundred years.

Its popularity and versatility comes from a combination of a simple (yet clever) gimmick and pure sleight-of-hand techniques.
Learning the moves and routines will not only help you improve your dexterity but youll also learn valuable lessons about angles timing and misdirection.
Here you will find fundamental moves covering a wide range of possibilities which require dedication and practice to make them smooth and surprising.
The lesson begins with a full routine incorporating various sleights. Youll learn many ways to produce and vanish a ball and show both hands empty.
Youll learn the core concept which allows you turn one ball into two with a wave and immediately show both of them solid.
Well continue with the fancy roll-out production of the third ball and Dan shows you how to apparently swallow it and bring it back from your stomach which sets you up perfectly to produce a total of four balls. Plus Dan teaches you an elegant move that allows you to show all four on both sides.
Although some of the moves in this routine are challenging Dan gives you his simpler more direct routine to use while youre mastering more advanced moves.
Then Dan takes a color-changing routine to the next level to show you the possibilities you can create.
And finally a simple transposition of two different colored balls gets the Harlan treatment as he offers you two very different approaches to it.
One becomes a surprising exchange of two borrowed objects and the other is a comedy piece thats a sure cure for your Saturday night fever.
So prepare to delight your audience with your digital dexterity as you master the quintessential classic of Billiard Ball Manipulation.