Tarbell 34: Routining a Magic Show (Instant Download)


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Tarbell 34: Routining a Magic Show (Instant Download)

Putting together a magic show can seem like an insurmountable task especially if youve never done it before. But as challenging as it seems it actually comes down to a few easy-to-grasp concepts that have been used in theatrical productions for thousands of years with incredible success.

In this lesson Dan give you expert guidance from his extensive background in theater and knowledge gained as a professional magician.
He tells you how to capture your audiences attention right from the start and keep them entertained for your entire show.
But he also goes deeper into the core of what a great show is by explaining step-by-step how you can increase the impact of every trick you do and give each one a unique feel by using premise-driven scripting based on your own relatable ideas so your show will have more variety.
In short Dan tips the real work about how to take any trick and turn it into an entertaining piece of magic that will find a permanent home in your show.
No esoteric nonsense or theoretical conjecture here. Instead you will learn the fundamental principles of the critical aspects of the performing arts.
Dan shows you the Three-Act structure derived from Aristotles writings and still in use today in every form of entertainment: movies TV and live theater.
Dan explains how to create and identify finished pieces from your repertiore and how to use his Triple-Trilogy concept to plug them properly into your show.
So if youre willing to do the work Dans advice will have you performing the best magic of your life in less time than you ever thought possible.
If youre ready to truly become the magician youve always wanted to be then this is the most important lesson youll ever learn.