Tarbell 46: Novelty Magic 2


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Tarbell 46: Novelty Magic 2

Continuing our lesson on Novelty Magic youll learn even more unusual tricks... revised updated and modernized to appeal to current audiences.

First Dan teaches you a clever con game based on an old ruse used by traveling pitchmen but he makes it a bit more palatable for all the participants.
Then youll learn how one clever principle can be applied several stunning ways as Dan gives you three brand new presentations of a once-popular trick.
Youll see how crafting conjuring and computer tech mix to create beautiful memories and Dan will show you how to move photos from one storage device to another.
Plus Dan presents you with the perfect piece for professional corporate shows or any time you want inject an inspirational message in your program.
Then Dan shares with you my preferred handling of one of his favorite impromptu pieces performed with common items youll find just about everywhere you eat.
And next he goes all out transforming a childish trick into a mystifying multi-phase miracle that builds impossibly to a truly sweet finish.
And Dan teaches you his practical solution to a seldom-seen gag even taking you behind the scenes to walk you step-by-step through the simple one-time construction.
Finally in case you cant get enough of Dans cute co-star Ginger he brings her back for an encore where she demonstrates her ability to hide in thin places and just as quickly pop back into shape with the help of a super-simple device.
As you can see theres an amazing assortment of interesting tricks here running the gamut from impromptu close-up to prepared stand-up corporate to kids all designed to display your versatility cleverness and charm.