Tarbell 53: The Thumb Tie (Instant Download)


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Tarbell 53: The Thumb Tie (Instant Download)

Performers are always looking for something unique to add variety to their shows and The Thumb Tie fits the bill perfectly. Its an unusual piece with strong magic and plenty of room for you to inject your personality and style. In this lesson Dan teaches you multiple methods and a wide range of presentations.

First youll learn Ten Ichis original (and still baffling) thumb tie with a few of Dans surprising touches for unexpected fun.
Then Dan shows you a number of variations for the tying procedure so youll be able to find one thats perfect for you.
Next Harlan teaches you how I employ a devious (and slightly dangerous) method from Tarbell himself to defeat a truly secure tying procedure.
Plus he goes way beyond the standard routine outlined in the original lesson by including modern presentations and methods starting with a mixture of pickpocketing and escape thats so much easier than it looks. And dont worry everyone leaves with their own belongings plus a little something for their trouble.
Then Dan use common garden variety twist-ties to comically capture a couple steal one away momentarily and bring them back closer than ever.
And if thats not big enough check out this intimidating guillotine escape gone wrong. Who has two thumbs and gets away unscathed This guy.
And finally an impromptu emergency method requires nothing more than a couple of rubberbands to re-create the puzzling penetrations of the original.
So when youre looking for something different to spice up your show consider the surprisingly strong Thumb Tie in any one of its memorable variations.