Tarbell 61: Four-Ace Effects (Instant Download)


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Tarbell 61: Four-Ace Effects (Instant Download)

Learn how to get the ACES to do anything you want!

Conus Aces:

An early version of the ace transposition which makes it look like you can steal the aces away from under someones hand.
Simple Four-Ace Routine:
A classic four ace assembly.
Ed Marlos Simplex Aces:
A convincing ace assembly version by Ed Marlo using a versatile switch.
Grants Four-Ace Routine:
Next Gen Grant gives you a non-sleight-of-hand method
Paul Rosinis Ace Transposition:
An incredible transposition now improved with a couple of extra kickers.
Ed Marlos Face-Up Ace-Embly:
A way to make the aces instantly gather together and reverse themselves in the middle of the deck.
Joe Bergs Magician Makes Good:
And the aces make a surprise appearance when a spectator tries to guess their card. Turns out its an ace so naturally the other cards change to match it.
Larsens Aces:
An effective and versatile sequence to make four cards all appear to be the same before revealing their true identities.
Christophers Red and Black Aces:
Make the red and black aces change places in the blink of an eye.
Chic Schokes Hippity Hop Aces:
A unique visual way to make the aces change places.
Audley Walshs Ace Assembly:
An incredibly deceptive technique which allows the aces distributed in a fan to instantly come together on the top of the deck with no sleight-of-hand.
Barnhardts Four-Ace Opener:
Cut to the four aces from a shuffled pack.
Ed Marlos Four-Ace Opener:
Visually produce the four aces by having the aces kiss.
Ed Marlos General Ace Opener:
Find the four aces from a shuffled deck using only one hand.
Ed Marlos One-at-a-Time Aces:
A great assembly where you see the aces appear one-at-a-time.
H.Adrian Smiths Penetrative Aces:
An unusual (seldom seen) penetration effect where the aces travel through the close up mat to join the rest underneath the spectators wallet.
The Conjurers Four-Ace Mystery:
One of the most famous ace assemblies ever where each one is clearly seen until it vanishes from its packet to join the leader ace.