Tarbell 62: Modern Mental Mysteries Part 1 (Instant Download)

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Tarbell 62: Modern Mental Mysteries Part 1 (Instant Download)

Sure-fire mental MIRACLES concealed by brilliant presentations.

Dia Vernons Message in the Flames:

A method from Dai Vernon to secretly read information (apparently destroyed) right in front of the audience.
Dai Vernons Mental Prediction:
A way to literally predict exactly what someone will write and they can write absolutely anything they want.
Dai Vernons Magazine Test:
A perfect page force you can do with any magazine and this particular presentation pays off with a perplexing production.
Frank Kellys Magazine and Picture Test:
Using a magazine and some numbered picture cards you can make a winning bet on something your spectator is only thinking of.
Newmanns Super-Divino Sealed Letter Test:
Learn how to reval a spectators birthday social security number even their secret code to unlock their phone.
Braunhuts Thoughts Afire:
A streamlined ungimmicked full peek of any post-it note.
Double Envelopes:
Learn how to make an incredibly versatile envelope which can be handed out to your audience yet it allows you to force or exchange information with no suspicious moves.
Harold Braunhuts Ad-Venture:
Predict an upcoming event that your spectator is only thinking of.
Reading the Number on a Borrowed Dollar Bill:
Reveal the serial number of a borrowed dollar bill.