Tarbell 66: Tarbell Hindu Rope Mysteries (Instant Download)


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Tarbell 66: Tarbell Hindu Rope Mysteries (Instant Download)

Mysteries that CAN NOT be duplicated with ordinary rope.

Tarbell Hindu Rope Mystery:

A long piece of clothesline is tied in a circle cut in half and cleanly restored. The routine can be repeated and the rope can be given away as a souvenir.
The Bombay The Calcutta Method::
A single piece of rope is clearly cut into two equal pieces. With no suspicious moves the rope rejoins into one piece. Then the spectator cuts it anywhere she wants and it is restored back to a single piece of rope.
The Inner Circle Rope Mystery The Delhi Method::
You will learn how to cut a rope into three pieces (that famously change lengths) and instantly make them join back into one long rope. Plus you can move a cut-off piece from one end of a rope to the other and it still rejoins.
Emergency Loop Method:
A variation of the Tarbell Hindu Rope Mystery that uses a normal rope.