Tarbell 88: Money Magic Part 1 (Instant Download)


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Tarbell 88: Money Magic Part 1 (Instant Download)

Coin tricks common gimmicks and pure sleight-of-hand. All routines guaranteed to surprise!

X-Cel:An unexpected vanish of a penny trapped under a post-it note.

Bandit Bill:Harlans brand new method for penetrating a folded dollar bill onto and off of a rubber band.
Gimmicked Coins:A look into the world of gimmicked coins. You will learn about a few of the more popular varieties.
Copper and Silver Through Table:Either the copper or silver coin penetrates through the table its your spectators choice!
Disjointed Account:A copper coin impossibly switches places with a silver coin a couple of times no matter how closely theyre watched yet the coins may be examined at the end.
Ultimate Silver and Copper:Two coins placed together in one of your hands always magically return to separate hands until one of them vanishes to re-appear under your helpers hands.
Sol Stones Changing Chips:A poker chip visibly increases in value many times with just a wave of your hand and you end with just a single chip.
Sol Stones Visual Copper Silver:Youll learn a sleight-of-hand move used to cause an instantaneous transposition of a copper and silver coin.
Continuous Coin Production Vanish:Using the same sleight-of-hand move youll learn how to continiously produce coins from thing air.
Sol Stones Misers Dream Move:Youll learn how to incorporate the moves you have already learned into a Misers Dream routine.
The Sensitized Paper:A forgotten gem where a tiny piece of paper balanced on a coin develops a miniature image of a selected card.
Three and Three:
Poker chips jump invisibly from one place to another even when held in handkerchiefs by two willing volunteers.
Charlatan Chips:Learn how to make poker chips stick to your fingers in a very strange way.
The Balancing Coins:Learn how to balance poker chips or coins on the rim of a glass.
An Amazing Coin Vanish:An incredible sleight-of-hand coin vanish from David Roth.
Another Amazing Coin Vanish:Another incredible sleight-of-hand coin vanish from David Roth.