Tarbell 88: Money Magic Part 2 (Instant Download)


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Tarbell 88: Money Magic Part 2 (Instant Download)

Coin tricks common gimmicks and pure sleight-of-hand. All routines guaranteed to surprise!

Vincent Sabatinos Bill-Tube Presentation:An unexpected vanish of a signed borrowed dollar bill Which re-appears inside a lazer pointer!

The Boxed Coins:Coins vanish from your hands and magically travel inside of an Okito Box.
Tony Spinas Coin Through Table:A nifty move to make a single coin vanish or penetrate through the table while seated.
Willie Schneiders Penny Inflation:A penny to changes places with a silver dollar and then grows in size.
Frank Garcias Flip-Over Penny:Learn how to command a penny to turn over all by itself on the back of your hand.
A Nickel to Dime Routine:Learn how to take the classic Nickles to Dimes trick and turn it into an impressive transposition.
Ee-Zee Money:Visibly print as much genuine currency as you wish using an easy-to-make printing plate.
Hair There and Everywhere:Youll see how to animate a borrowed bill using nothing but an imaginary thread which you wrap up for your helper to keep.
No Lapping Coins Through Table:A fantastic coins through table routine that can be done while standing.
The Travelers:A hand-to-hand coins across with a few nice surprises.
Lenny Greenfaders Traveling Coins Addition:A coin catching stunt that slightly increases the level of difficulty for a big ending.
Alan Alans Decimated Coin Trick:Two of your valuable collectible coins vanish at your fingertips to reappear back in their protective folder.