Tarbell Tarbell 60: More Unique Mysteries (Instant Download)


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Tarbell 60: More Unique Mysteries (Instant Download)

A crazy lesson filled with strange and wonderful routines re-imagined to appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

This lesson contains more unique mysteries with many familiar... and some not-so-familiar... items. Youll learn how to make sense of unusual props.

Audley Dunhams Vanishing Coins:
A way to vanish multiple coins that fools not only the eyes but also the ears.
Dunhams Floating Ping Pong Ball:
Learn one of lifes most important lessons... how to impress your friends at a party with your mad levitating beer pong skills.
Rufus Steeles A Flower For You
A truly unique way to find and produce signed selected cards.
Ed Renos Watch and Geranium
A borrowed object to impossible location... Could it be the shrub Better check his roots.
Watch the Lemon
A strange arrangement of items instantly produces lemonade by completely removing the inside of a lemon without damaging the skin.
Popping Corn in a Hat Tarbells Quick Popper:
Two different ways to magically make popcorn... for one person or the whole group.
Gardners Card Through the Handkerchief:
A signed card penetration through the case and a cloth.
Carmen Damicos Toss Over Card:
A very fooling 1 card across
Stanley Jaks Good Luck Card:
Signed card to coin purse. Perfect for close up workers.
Himbers Name Cards
Find multiple cards using your spectators names.
Karrell Foxs The Question is...
A comedy card revelation with proper punctuation.
Leon Maguires Newspaper Card Holder:
A stand-up interactive pseudo-memory stunt using a one of a kind gimmick.
Tony Lopilatos Yeast Pack:
Inflate the deck to change the color of any named card.
Tony Lopilatos Sympathetic Silks
The Quick-Knot Silks
Tony Lopilatos Snappy Knotting Silks:

A bunch of bandanas are brought together with socio-political commentary and magic knots to inspire you to think beyond the trick.
Gene Tarbells Rubber Band Off String:
Seymour Daviss Wand Through Handkerchief:
Wand Through the Hat:

A giant nail is used to make a convincing point with three perplexing penetrations before being bent bare-handed and presented to your participant.
Max Malinis Egg Bag
Youll learn the secret of the Malini Egg Bag causing an egg to vanish and re-appear with incredible ease.
So get ready for another crazy lesson filled with strange and wonderful routines re-imagined to appeal to a wide variety of audiences.