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Telling Tales Luke Jermay PDF Download

The Power Of A Story Repeated!

In this manuscript Luke Jermay details two routines that are designed to be performed in casual settings. Jermay recommends they be used in interview situations in which the performer is being interviewed for a newspaper, radio station, school newsletter or any other printed media.

The routines are designed to become myths and legends after the performance. As the story is repeated to others the effect will grown and grow.

Jermay details his personal feelings on how to use these effects to their maximum potential as well as providing all the details you will need to perform them.

Unlike the previous Jermay releases these routines are not designed for formal stage performance but rather casual performance to impress potential clients, agents, newspaper reporters, radio personalities and your friends.

The first effect "Big Spender " is a surreal display of influence in which the performer seemingly pays for lunch with play money with no objection from the server who even brings him change. This routine can be performed anywhere and at anytime. No pre -show work is needed.

The second routine in which the performer seemingly remembers all the results for any single word in the English language searched on is truly a reputation making effect. It is modern and fresh and with three methods provided you will be doing this to your friends very soon.

These effects are designed to be performed in coffee shops, restaurants, offices and homes rather than the formal performance areas of the stage or parlor. They are designed to further your reputation as a mystery worker and will serve you well in your every day life.

This is a limited edition ebook, limited to 200 copies. is authorized to sell 80 copies. Once 80 are sold it will vanish from the online catalog.