The Blue Crown - Alex Geiser - The Prodigy


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10 Random people who order The Prodigy in the first week will win Alex Geiser’s Lecture Notes which are out of print!

If you’ve seen Alex Geiser’s magic with coins?? odds are you’ve been impressed. After you witness The Prodigy?? you’ll be blown away. The Prodigy is Alex’s most closely-guarded routine?? crafted and refined over a number of years?? and shown only to a select group of people. By seeing this DVD?? you become one of the chosen.

With a wave of your hand?? 4 coins instantly and silently appear on your outstretched palm. 

You then slowly and carefully make the coins vanish one-at-a-time. Finally?? the coins reappear in an equally miraculous manner.

There are no gimmicks?? no extra coins?? no smoke?? and no mirrors. Just 4 coins and 2 hands. The Prodigy involves advanced sleight-of-hand techniques that you can use at any time in any venue. While this is not an easy routine to achieve?? once mastered you will have a true gem in your magical arsenal. Every sleight you need is taught in crystal-clear detail from multiple angles. In addition to the mechanics and choreography?? Alex teaches you the psychology?? drama?? and timing that go into the routine. He even covers valuable practice tips and real-world experience so you can learn The Prodigy as easily as possible. Polish your coins and stretch your fingers?? it’s time to get to work!