The Butterfly by Bruno Copin


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The Butterfly by Bruno Copin A surreal moment of beauty that fools and stuns everyone who witnesses it.

As beautiful as a butterfly.

Bruno Copin's "The Butterfly" is a thing of beauty.
A card is animated, turns over in the spectators hand and then spends 360 degrees. Finally after the effect is finished, you are left completely clean immediately. Bruno Copin is among the most ingenious creators in the world when to inventing visual animations with cards. Not only is The Butterfly an impossible visual card effect but it's a worker too.

Bruno has worked for years to come up with the very best method for The Butterfly.The effect is streamlined, foolproof, practical, and reliable even right in front of their face and IN THEIR HANDS.

The Butterfly is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to perform memorable close up magic with a pack of cards.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included