The Cloak by Daniel Prado


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The Cloak by Daniel Prado

You won't believe your eyes. This new method for the classic tent vanish gives you the power to vanish a card in thin air.

From the mind that brought you the Peregrine Pass, Daniel Prado has devised an amazing new way of vanishing a card. Both practical and versatile, The Cloak offers endless applications for use.

Daniel Prado, the mind behind the Peregrine Pass, presents to us today The Cloak. A new take on the classic tent vanish, The Cloak allows for the impossible - invisibility. Where the tent vanish had its faults, Daniel has completely corrected and improved. Before, the card to be vanished could only be face down and on top of the deck. Today with The Cloak, prepare to perform this classic vanish face-up or face-down, and on either the top or bottom of the deck. It is without a doubt a visual miracle.

Learn the technique in complete detail, along with three routines. In addition, Daniel tips valuable information on magic theory and presentation.