The Favorite Cards of My Friends by Rafael Benatar (Instant Download)

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The Favorite Cards of My Friends by Rafael Benatar (Instant Download)

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A reputation-making masterpiece from a true professional.
An incredible effect that allows you to find two spectators cards in the most impossible way.

1. Someone names a card.
2. Another names a different card.
3. And a third person inserts a playing card ANYWHERE in the deck
4. When the deck is spread the inserted card is found right between the two other named cards
The named cards are not forced. The spectator really can put the card anywhere in the deck and it will be found next to the named cards every time.
An excellent trick to use as an opener. It gets multiple people involved and the outcome is completely impossible. Best of all it has a method that will make you smile when you realize how such an astonishing effect can be accomplished so easily.
This will be the new favorite card trick of all your friends!