The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs(Okito) VOLUME 1-4


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The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs(Okito) VOLUME 1-4

"ORIENTAL MAGIC OF THE BAMBERGS, OKITO, VOUME 1 - 4 (VHS)"LONG OUT OF PRINT!Things are seldom what they seem...No better idea captures the essence of magic and perhaps no other magician played a trick on the public’s mind better then Okito. In many ways he was like his famous Square Circle Effect, a contradiction in terms. He was a Dutchman performing a Chinese act under a Japanese name. He defined his own reality as world-renowned magician, manufacturer and marketer. Within four volumes, Dr. Robert Albo’s treasured book, “The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs,” comes to life. Join us as we journey beyond the Okito legend to discover Theodore Bamberg.

Volume 1 The heritage of Okito featuring his magic through 1910. • The Butterfly Box • Coffee and Milk • Silk from Glass on Tray • Flying Spheres • Watch Box • Water Bowl Production • Hindoo Inkwell • Sleeve Production, and many more.

Volume 2 Okito’s magic through his tenure with Joe Berg. Featuring Lance Burton performing his rendition of Okito’s Floating Ball. • Cut and Restored Ribbon • Blue Phantom • Rice to Guinea Pig • Card Star • Floating Ball • Square Circle, and many more.

Volume 3 Okito’s magic through the Okito-Redmond era. •Crystal Casket • Silk Cabby • Checker Cabinet • Tea Canister Mystery • Scare Mask and Dove • Zombie Cabinet, and many more.

Volume 4 Okito’s magic in his final years and beyond. • Expanding Ball • Color-Changing Block • Crystal Casket and Screen Vanish • Birth of a Canary • Confetti Box and Tube • Triple Production, and many more.