The Ring of Power by Anton James


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The Ring of Power by Anton James

Perfect for that “Show Me Something” Moment, This is The Ring of Power by Anton James!

"This is my go to, any time, any place, finger ring routine designed for maximum impact. It has three main phases where a ring vanishes and reappears someplace on the spectator. You can perform any given phase on its own or in a combination together. An object vanishing and reappearing on spectator is high impact magic that makes a lasting impression about your abilities of a magician. Learn this routine and you will feel the power.”

- Anton James

Only one ring needed. No need to rely on borrowing a ring.

  • 3 Powerful Phases.
  • Additional Ideas & Endings.
  • Perfect for that “Show me something!” Moment.
  • Perform any time, anywhere, for individuals or a group.
  • While the Ring of Power routine can be done with just about any normal "wedding band" style finger ring Anton will share with you the ring he uses for the easiest most reliable handing making this routine easy and reliable.
  • Over 25 Min of HD Video Instruction.