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The SOS Coin Production by Tim David

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Live the dream... make money by magic

Much more than just amazing coin productions this 90+ minute DVD teaches 9 eye-popping underground visual coin tricks. Vanishes penetrations and even a coin levitation are revealed in step-by-step detail by well-known magic teacher Tim David. Includes a very special gimmick and contains some of the most exciting and visual magic to come out in a long time...

Coin Through Face- A highly visual freakout-fest where the coin is actually seen ripping halfway into your cheek! This one simply Drops Jaws. A reputation-maker.

S.O.S.- If you were really a magician this is what you would do. No sleeves both hands are shown clearly empty (they are) with absolutely NO COVER a coin simply materializes on your flat open palm. Then a 2nd coin then a 3rd etc. NOT the same coin produced over and over no threads wires or strings no sticky stuff no body loads no clothing requirements. Youll laugh out loud when you see the fiendish secret behind this gem of a trick.

Every magician worth his salt can make money appear how about you The special gimmick and the fun secret make this powerful effect so easy to do.

Eclipse- A very BOLD move with a huge payoff. This could be the most visible glass penetration ever because you stop in mid-penetration and let them look things over. They actually look RIGHT AT the secret and theyre none the wiser.

Raze- A completely coin vanish that shows the spectators no mercy. Ooooooh... nasty. The best part The signed coin can instantly reappear virtually ANYHWERE YOU WANT. In their shoe In a book at a certain page Get creative with how you use this power.

The Insight Vanish- A quick barehanded vanish and reproduction of a coin thats easy to love. First its gone then its back...and theyre just left rubbing their eyes.

Off-Hand- A coin levitates off of a spectators hand. They actually feel an unseen force lifting the coin.

Bonus Effects:
Ectomorphy Coin Production and Flicker