The Three Types ebook By Luke Jermay


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 The Three Types ebook By Luke Jermay

    "Luke Jermay is one of the most creative performers I have ever met."

Luke Jermay is a brilliant, forward-thinking mentalist, and his sensational The Three Types is one of our proudest moments. That lovely little booklet continues to garner great reviews and comments when someone comes across it.

Here’s the great news: we are proud to announce that we have made it available as an ebook. That's right—if you're looking to read a gripping new approach to the Q and A concept, or just want to see how one of the world's leading mentalists thinks, you can do it from our app, and the comfort of your device or computer. Better still, it's available at a lower price!

"The Three Types" is a triumph of careful routining and presentation, clever construction and classical methodology. Whether you've never performed a Q&A routine before or are looking for a contemporary, practical presentation for an existing routine, this complete ten-minute act is for you.

    Luke blows my mind with an amazing idea; an idea that really does make the billets truly invisible. It’s almost a complete act that enables you to stand on stage and appear simply to read people’s thoughts... All of this comes with a compelling presentation, engaging plot and a strong theatrical structure. What more could you want?
    Marc Paul, from the foreword

    Be glad Jermay uses his mental powers for good!
    The Las Vegas Review Journal