The Triple Finally Sandwich by Paul Andrich


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The Triple Finally Sandwich by Paul Andrich

 (Instant Download) By the time your sandwich'll already be full.

Have three spectators select three different cards.

The first card you find by having the spectator cut to it themselves.

Then the second card you find via any card at any number.

As if these two effects weren't jaw dropping and mind blowing enough....

You find the third card after it transports into the empty card box STAPLED between the two jokers.

This entire routine is easy enough to perform after only minutes of practice.

You'll have to construct the gaff yourself, but it is a fast easy project that will yield you multiple gaffs. Additional supplies may need to be purchased to make the effect.

This entire routine is also self-resetting so you can perform it over and over again without having to sneak off suspiciously between sets.

This is called 'the triple finally sandwich' because by the time the sandwich finally shows up, the first two phases have already filled their minds with amazement.

Because it's so easy to present you can focus on your performance and your relationship with your spectators. This is a great choice as a finale for any card routine pro, or hobby.