Theory by Phill Smith (Instant Download)


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Theory by Phill Smith (Instant Download)

UK mentalist Phill Smith is known in the industry for his in-depth thinking on the art and his Mythology Trilogy (Mitox, Yokai and Mokele) contain dozens of essays and ideas for presentations, alongside unique 'premise' pieces, jumping off points to create your own exciting never-before-seen persona for performing. These essays are collected together for the first time in Theory, a 146 page ebook containing revolutionary thinking that will take your performances to the next level.. and beyond.

Included are essays explaining how to use secret knowledge from the design industry to bomb-proof your effects, increase their impact and hit harder than ever before, ideas on how to build the effectiveness of your speech and vocal presence, ten amazing ideas for creating your own effects from scratch, and Phill's brilliant 'so what' technique, for taking bog-standard effects and making them something incredible.

Theory is a grab-bag crash-course in Phill's unique philosophy of performance and will enhance your performance in almost every way. Download it today to level up.