Theory11 - Lennart Green - The Odd Card


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Theory11 - Lennart Green - The Odd Card


You display 20 cards – 19 red spot cards?? and 1 black spot card. The audience is to pick a red spot card to win; the odds are in their favor. However?? no matter which card they choose?? they will ALWAYS lose. You will ALWAYS win.

Have them try to select the single blue backed card from a stack of 20 red backed cards. They still lose - you still win - every single time. The Odd Card is a working piece of trickery?? combined with stunning kickers and multiple applications to fit a variety of routines using The Mirror Count.

But the game isn’t over quite yet. Lennart goes over several ways you can implement this routine. All in 10 minutes of instruction from one of magic’s highly respected minds.

Produced by Luis de Matos and shot on location at Studio 33 in Portugal?? Lennart Green will soon premiere his masterwork - more specifically?? The Master Files - a four disc DVD set composed of his entire creative catalog. Straight from that DVD - long before it's release - comes The Odd Card.