Theory11 - Luke Jermay - COLORBLIND


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Theory11 - Luke Jermay - COLORBLIND

Imagine the ability to SEE with your fingertips. Imagine the ability to divine - without looking - the color of each card in a shuffled deck.

This is COLORBLIND. About a year ago?? Luke began to demonstrate a groundbreaking?? original routine for some of the top names in magic - from Jason England to Chris Kenner. The routine was brilliant?? being able to determine the color of a card without looking?? with 100% accuracy.

Months later?? Luke tipped the original method for the routine in a full length DVD. Today?? Luke builds upon that foundation in presenting FIVE unique methods to accomplish the SAME effect?? including the original handling.Includes EVERYTHING you need for all 5 methods.

Why would anyone want to learn FIVE methods to the same effect?? you ask? So that you are prepared. Within this DVD?? you will learn how to perform the effect blindfolded?? with a borrowed deck?? and even in an IMPROMPTU setting.

The routine begins via explanation of the concept ofdermioptic vision- the ability to SEE with your fingertips. The spectator can shuffle the deck to their heart's content.The cards are legitimately?? truly mixed.Without ever looking at the cards?? you begin sliding cards one by one from the bottom?? naming their color and turning the card over to authenticate your accuracy. You are right every single time.

A routine that has been tried and tested - critically acclaimed by some of the most respected names in magic. An effect that is VERY simple to learn and diabolical in nature?? with FIVE methods included to suit any environment.