Theory11 - Wayne Houchin - Distortion


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A collaboration with ideas fromWayne Houchin??Michael Ammar??Kenneth Peh?? andJonathan Bayme. A card is chosen. In this case?? it's the Six of Diamonds. The Four of Diamonds is also used. You clearly place the Six of Diamonds in the spectator's closed hands (in a sandwich manner)?? holding on to the Four of Diamonds.

As you slowly shake the Four?? the pips -- that is?? the diamonds -- are seen to visually multiply and move across the card to form the Six of Diamonds. The spectator opens their hands to find the Four of Diamonds?? and all is handed out for complete examination.

There's a reason Cyril (famed Japanese magician) performed a variation of this effect on national television. Imagine being able to allow your audience to actually SEE a card visually change.Now do it.

Wayne Houchin (performer & theory11's Creative Director) guides you through each phase of the effect?? teaching his original version utilizing the classic Moving Pips card (included). In addition?? learn Michael Ammar's "Visually Yours" -- the routine that started it all. Breathtaking.