Theory11 - Zach Mueller - Marbles Pop-Out


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Theory11 - Zach Mueller - Marbles Pop-Out
Marbles is not easy. It is knacky. It is weird. It will take weeks to master. It will cause massive finger cramping. You may develop blisters.
Still interested? GoodMarbles is a one-handed pop-out move that looks utterly impossible. A card can be selected through various forms of selection taught?? and at any moment with a flick of the wrist?? the card pops out at an impossible position.
Marbles can be done as a double?? triple?? quadruple and more. It can lead directly into a snap change?? includes over 5 applications and additional ideas?? includes over an HOUR of instruction?? taught in full HD and includes a bonus color change.
Marbles is tough - but put in the work and you will be highly rewarded.