Vanishing Inc Pretty Fly by Mike Eaton


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Vanishing Inc Pretty Fly by Mike Eaton


Michael Eaton is the newest member of the Vanishing Inc. Team, and we're pleased to present his "Pretty Fly" routine to you exclusively.

This gorgeous coin effect is a full routine--a beginning, middle, and end. There is NO confusion or awkward moves, and everything is self-contained at chest level. Mike is one of the busiest restaurant magicians on the contemporary scene, and this is his opening effect. Rarely has a coin effect seen so much live performance, and been so worked-through for your use and enjoyment.

You will find Mike is not only a flawless technician, but one of the most gifted teachers we've ever featured. He makes learning "Pretty Fly" as pleasurable as possible.

And we've answered your requests! As we grow as a business, we are always striving to do better and give more. This tutorial is the slickest yet, production-wise, and is over 20 minutes long. This is a tremendous value at 10 dollars, and could easily have been released in DVD format for three times the price.