Vincent Hedan Penguin Live


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Vincent Hedan Penguin Live Online Lecture

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”One of my all time favourite performers of miracles.”- Shawn Farquhar FISM 2009 Grand Prix

Bravo!”- Francis Menotti

Vincent Hedan has some powerful magic the world should see and know about.”- Obie O’Brien 4F Founder President

Brilliant clever and mind blowing! A very talented French magician. His lecture is packed full with magic gems. Stunning effects original methods killer mentalism... Guaranteed impact! You won’t regret it!”- Boris Wild FISM 1997 Winner

What will he teach

Babel Book Test
First I quickly guess a word freely selected by a spectator in a paperback while I riffle the pages. Then I guess a word freely selected (any word on any line on any page) while the book is in the hands of the spectator. Finally I perform a memory demonstration where a spectator reads the top line of any page and I can recall the page number how many paragraphs are on that page how many lines each paragraph contains and on what line is located a freely selected word.

Vision of the Future
The performer reads the spectator’s mind and reveals a freely thought-of card under impossible conditions without asking any questions.

The Deck and the Hand
After a deck has been shuffled and while he is blindfolded the performer is able to deal the entire deck in four piles that are revealed to each contain all the cards of one suit. The method is self-working.

Mental Wine Tasting
A demonstration of mind reading with wines where the performer reveals what wines are freely thought-of by members of the audience.

In this effect inspired by David Fincher’s movie Se7en the performer succeeds in predicting the sin of a spectator.

The Trick That Can Be Explained
My version of Vernon’s classicThe Trick That Cannot Be Explained making it virtually self-working and completely surefire.

10000 Decimals of Pi
An impossible memory effect. I show a small book in which the decimals of Pi are listed and explain that I memorized it. The spectator opens the book at any page tells me the page number and I can tell him the first digits of the page! Then I ask him to tell me a sequence of 5 digits anywhere on any page. Starting from there I start reciting the decimals of Pi! Actually I recite so many decimals that the spectator has to turn pages to follow me!

Who is he

Vincent Hedan was born in France in 1983. Entertainer creator he started magic at age 7; since then he never stopped studying this art of entertainment developing his own style and performing his magic everywhere in Europe America Australia and Asia.
In 2008 Vincent Hedan won the 1st Prize in Mentalism at the French Magic Championship.
In 2011 he became a member of the prestigious FFFF convention in Buffalo NY.
In 2012 Vincent received the Award of Merit at the Canadian Magic Championship.