Vinny Marini - La Famiglia


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This DVD is unique from my other DVDs. It features my friends from all over the world! These magical friends of mine have been generous enough to share their contributions to the magical arts on La Famiglia.

Like all my DVDs?? the material is geared towards the beginner to intermediate finger flickers. Learn some great effects and sleights utilizing normal playing cards and coins.

Rannie Raymundo - the manila enforcer presents his unique handling of a torn and restored card in MENTAL TORN

Pablo Tejero - the european influence is beautifully evident in THE MAGICAL ACES

Dan Oakes - JAZZY SARAH will dazzle lay audiences as well as magicians

Eric Jones - two knockout coin routines flow seamlessly together in SPECTATORS VISUAL COINS ACROSS

Mano - DEMAGNETIZED RAVEN lets you perform the Raven with no gimmicks

Joe Jesse - an effective yet simple COIN VANISH AND REPRODUCTION