Vol 11 Hypno Effects (Vol 11) by Peter Turner (Instant Download)

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Vol 11 Hypno Effects by Peter Turner (Instant Download)

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**This book teaches the illusion of hypnosis; you DONT NEED to be a hypnotist to perform these mind blowing effects.**

Hypnosis is one of the purest and real forms of mentalism; in essence you are apparently a true master of mind control with the ability to make anyone do anything you wish.
With great power comes great responsibility.
From mentalism effects with a hypnosis flavour to self working hypnosis-esque miracles its all in here. If you have followed the rest of the monthly course volumes youll know that each month is packed with effects routines principles and ideas from a range of perspectives.
This month we have contributions from Anthony Jacquin Andrew Gerard James Brown Robert Watkins Fraser Parker Brandon Queen and more!
This is another epic contribution to mentalism from PT and is not to be missed!
As always were opening the pre-order approximately one week before the book releases. To guarantee your spot on this months course be sure to place your order now.
eBook 175 Pages
Instant Download