Vol 9. Star Sign Divination by Peter Turner (Instant Download)

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Vol 9. Star Sign Divination by Peter Turner (Instant Download)

This is Volume 9 of Peter Turner’s Mentalism Masterclass and this volume is about star Sign Divination.

Peter Turner teach you different methods to do the cleanest Star Sign Divination that you can imagine. The teaching is crystal clear no stones left unturned. In this eBook you will find methods routines and everything that you need to perform the strongest Zodiac routines.
127 pages PDF Instant Download
The content:
Monkeying around Zodiac Anagram
Additional Thoughts - Elliot Watson Alan Nu Robert Watkins
The Bob Principle Hearting Stars
Additional Ideas Mark Chandaue
Lia Liar
Truth Teller
Additional Idea Colin McLeod
A Simple Divination
Truly invisibly visible (THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL!!! You will love this one so much!)
Truly invisibly visible 2
Be controversial Think backwards
Eye to Eye Star-sign Revelation
The Frame
Nod to star sign
Mark Chandaue additional idea
Derren’s repeat it in your mind principle
The wash principle
Passing star
Mixing principles
Paul Voodini A happy Birthday
A little poem Stephen Young
Zodiattack Alain Nu
Dominic Daly Simple and elegant
Zodiac Wheel Pablo Amira
The Zodiac Divination Andreas Sebring
NLP meta programs
The VCR Zodiac Sign Test Dale A. Hildebrandt
BIRTHDATED Dale A. Hildebrandt
Purloined letters Pat Schlagel
Stolen Stars Luca Volpe
Seeing Signs Fraser Parker with additional subtleties from Peter Turner
TWO WAY verbal reductive OUT from Peter Turner
Zodiac Christian Chelman
Zodiac Plus Additional idea Christian Chelman