Vortex Magic Presents Penilism (Online Instructions)

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Vortex Magic Presents Penilism (Online Instructions)

The greatest addition to my Dream Prediction Elite routine anybody has shown me... This is such an amazing device and I carry it with me at all times.

- Paul Romhany

If you perform mentalism or magic you are going to LOVE this amazing tool by VORTEX MAGIC.PENILISMis a multi-functional pen that looks like a regular pen but gives you the ability to easily switch colors from red to blue to black as well as writing without any ink. One pen with four different functions and it's easy to use.

CONFABULATION- What you write down can now be in a different color than your final prediction - taking any-type of confabulation routine to a much higher level. Paul Romhany was one of the first to getPENILISMand is now using it for his Dream Prediction Elite routine.

Paul was kind enough to sit down for the tutorial and show us his wallet and specialDP Switching Envelope- we have also included a DP Switching envelope as a bonus.

ANY DOUBLE WRITING ROUTINE- Any time you need to double write you can now change colors live and without the spectator noticing. The pen looks like a regular writing pen but is designed so you can easily switch between colors.

X-MARKS THE SPOT- The pen also has the ability to write then when you ask the spectator to write no ink comes out. This is great for so many mentalism routines from book tests to drawing routines. It is the perfect tool for forcing a word a picture or a number.

WAYNE'S ENVELOPE ROUTINE- This routine first appeared in VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE and is a great use of Penilism. You show an envelope with a prediction inside and you write a prediction on the outside in RED ink. When the prediction inside is opened the prediction matches -- plus it is also in BLACK ink. An added touch that takes this type or routine to a different level.

ONE AHEAD- perfect for one-ahead style routines especially if you are using business cards.

WHAT YOU RECEIVE: instructions download only

DOWNLOAD with various ideas and routines on how to use the pen