Wayne Dobson - Revelation


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We recently purchased the rights to this excellent effect from Wayne. Having worked long and hard together with Wayne we have come up with a winner. A packet of 9 cards is placed on the table. Ask a spectator to THINK of ANY card in a deck (no force of any kind it really is any card they wish). The small packet of cards are turned over one at a time. Each card reveals a different gag?? as you ask different questions. was your card the 15 of diamonds?? how about the 14 of spades?? was it a credit card?? a bingo card?? this card (card has THIS printed on it)?? phone card?? etc. finally the last card says your card is in my pocket.
You reach into your pocket and remove your own business card as you say 'This is my card?? but I am sure you will want to keep it when I tell you. You are thinking of...' you name the card they are thinking of. Sounds impossible but it's not you really name their thought of card.
Comes complete with 9 specially printed bicycle cards that do all the work for you?? also features extra handlings and bonus handling tips on the DVD. best way to hand out a business card ever.