Wayne Houchin - Control 2.0


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CONTROL 2.0 by Wayne Houchin - Released

In early 2008?? magician and acclaimed creator Wayne Houchin releasedCONTROL- an impromptu method of slowing down and stopping your heart. Today?? we present version 2.0 of that original theory11 production.

It is one of the most powerful things that you can do - demonstrate control over life and death. In this comprehensive DVD??Wayne Houchintakes you through the entire effect - from incredible live performances to the technique and the subtleties that allow you to transform this from a trick to a miracle.

This all new Special Director's Cut has been loaded with new ideas?? new interviews?? and more - including theJohnson Justification; a technique for performing CONTROL under the supervision of medical professionals. 100% safe?? effective?? and reliable. No setup. No gimmicks.

NOTE?? If you have already purchased CONTROL prior to the release of this Director's Cut?? you will be getting an email within the next 24 hours with a download link containing the bonus footage - at no cost - as an extra present from the elves at theory11this holiday season.

Be sure to listen to the special podcast below - recorded earlier tonight - for full info on CONTROL 2.0 and other upcoming releases. Download the podcast directlyHERE.