Wayne Houchin - Sinful A Graphic Novel


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Effect?? A signed coin magically penetrates through a sealed can of soda or beer. The can is opened?? the contents poured out and trapped inside is the initialed coin. The effect can be performed anywhere?? at anytime with no special props?? no switches?? no gimmicks?? and no setup. Both the coin and the can may be borrowed. In fact?? the spectator can keep the can with their signed coin trapped inside.

From magician Wayne Houchin (Thread?? Stigmata and Control) and graphic artist Josh Funk comes Sinful?? A Graphic Novel. A striking new vision of the celebrated Quarter Through Soda Can routine that became one of the most talked about effects from the first season of Criss Angel?? Mindfreak. Not just an instruction manual?? Sinful offers the reader the rare opportunity to peer into the creative process behind this routine.

Set in a fictional nightclub called Hendricks?? the novel opens with a stylized re-imagining of a live

performance and then allows the reader the opportunity to learn the full routine from Houchin’s personal notebook. This one of a kind learning experience offers a look at the evolutionary process of creating – exploring other moves?? concepts and ideas that didn’t make it into the final handling.

New ideas and alternative moves are discussed and taught in detail. Also included is a performance DVD that features live performances and an interview with Wayne Houchin conducted by Paul Harris.

Sinful?? A Graphic Novel is for the magician interested in learning a truly powerful piece of organic magic and for the artist interested in the process of creating?? not just copying.

- A unique look at Sinful (The Quarter Through Soda Can)

- Featuring artwork by Josh Funk

- Forward by Banachek

- Additional moves and handling

- Graphic Novel + performance DVD