World Magic Seminar Asia 2007


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Yamamoto's, World Magic Seminar Asia VIII. The WMS-Asia is the sister organization and only authorized chapter of the World Magic Seminar (U.S.) This DVD is chock-full with 20 different performers.

Some of the other performers included are?? Anxra, Devil, Haruhiko Nagisa, Hiro Sakai, Johnny Hirose, Joker, Kazu Katayama, Ken Masaki, Kenji Minemura, Kohei Kobayashi, Levent, Pilou, Rich Bloch, Rick Merrill, Sos & Victoria, Tempei, Yuji Yamamoto, Yuji Yasuda, Yuki Tomo and Yumi.
NOTE?? This DVD features 90% Japanese language with some English by Hank Rice. However, the menu and all navigations are also available in English. Trust us do NOT let this deter you. This DVD features seven different shows, two lectures and also features the competition too! A tremendous amount of footage all shot with the highest quality camera's as you would expect from UGM.