Yoann.F - Oxygen


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Yoann.F - Oxygen


Description :

This move allows you to control a card to the top or to the bottom of the deck. You can also use it to do a Force or a Switch. This move comes up with multiple variations and 4 tricks!

Air :Four Aces are placed on the table and a card is selected. The card are placed betwwen the Aces and vanish to reappear face down in the middle of the pack. This trick is a variation of Earl Nelson's "Between Your Points of Departure" trick
Blueside :Four red backed Aces are on the table. Spectator selected a card in a blue backed deck. The red
backed Aces morphed one at the time into the selected card. But this was just an illusion
Oxycolor :A very strong color changing deck routine
Sandy :A simple but effective sandwich trick